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Looking for an opportunity for service? Here are some organizations and projects that have engaged the efforts and donations of members and attenders of Valley Mills Friends. Click on any web page link to learn more.
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OrganizationDescriptionWeb page
OrganizationDescriptionWeb page
Alternatives to Violence Project Empower people to lead nonviolent lives through affirmation, respect for all, community building, cooperation, and trust. 
AVP Indiana Facebook page Find us on Facebook and 'like' us for more current information about what is happening with AVP in Indiana 
Community Caring and Sharing Food Pantry Helps feed 30,000 needy families in Central Indiana yearly. 
Concord Neighborhood Center "Underneath We're All the Same" -- underwear donation program 
Equal Exchange Fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate, and snacks 
Global Family Haiti House of Hope Haiti House of Hope Restavec children (children living with families other than their own), are often victims of injustice and abuse. Global Family supports this program's goal of increasing the level of human dignity for the restavec by giving them an opportunity to go to receive a quality education. 
Global Family - Haiti - House of Hope Due to centralization of services, families living in rural areas have needed to send their children to Port-au-Prince in order to access secondary or post secondary education. These children would then end up as restavec children (children living with families other than their own). And as such these children have often been victims of injustice and abuse. Some never make it to school at all. The goal of this program is to increase the level of human dignity for the restavec children and youth of Carrefour Feuille and La Saline through formal education and tutorial/homework support. Education may be the only answer to assist these children in escaping the system of violence and slavery, whether as a participant or as a spectator. 
Haiti - Planting for the future (Mennonite Central Committee) MCC’s program in environmental education has helped students in the Artibonite Valley recognize the important role they play in protecting Haiti’s fragile environment. Teachers work with students to create small tree nurseries, transplant seedlings near students’ homes, grow plots o 
Heifer Project International Ending hunger by giving families a source of food, rather than short-term relief 
Indiana Foster Care and Adoption Association Support foster parents and adoptive parents, and advocates for children 
Indiana Information Center on the Abolition of Capital Punishment Exposes the injustice associated with the application of the death penalty in Indiana. 
Indiana Legal Services Providing free legal services to the low-income and elderly of Indiana 
Interfaith Alliance Indianapolis Promoting a better understanding among people with varying religious traditions. 
Koinonia Farm Home of the Cotton Patch Gospel, birthplace of Habitat for Humanity, Jubilee Partners, Prison Jail Project, Fuller Center for Housing and other ministries. 
Quaker Earthcare Witness Promotes conscientious protection of our planent 
Right Sharing of World Resources Quaker program supporting grassroots projects for economic development and offering educational materials for the study of the lives of the poor, the lives of the rich, and the spiritual meaning of both. 
Waterford Early Reading Program -Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library A comprehensive, research-based curriculum that teaches children how to read, write, and keyboard. It is one of the nation's first research-based, technology-driven reform models in early reading instruction. 
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