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Quaker Thought, News, Background, and Discussions

    • quaker.org -- a web site that provides centralized links to many resources about the Religious Society of Friends

    • quakerinfo.org -- another centralized web site, from the Quaker Information Center in Philadelphia

    • Quaker Quaker -- a Guide to the Quaker Conversation (and links to many other blogs and pages)

    • Holy Ordinary -- The blog of Quaker pastor Brent Bill

    • philgulley.org -- The web page of Quaker pastor Phil Gulley.

    • The Quaker Electronic Archive -- Historical Quaker writings, and other basic information about Quakers

    • The Bad Quaker Bible Blog -- exploring the Bible with other seekers of all sorts

    • Quaker Quest - aims to help you find out about the Quaker way of life, experience Quaker worship, and get an idea what sort of people we are.

Quaker Organizations

Quaker Publications

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