Our Hynmals

Bi-Monthly Pitch-in

Worship in the Woods every Autumn

Cleaning up 

In-Person Worship

As you enter the meetinghouse you may come through the Front Doors of the Church or through the doors by the wheelchair ramp, both sets of doors are used regularly.  Most people use the Ramp Accessible doors.  If you enter before we begin we will welcome you and (hopefully) someone will ask if you have been to a Quaker meeting before.  If you want someone will explain what happens or you can just go with the flow.  

The bathrooms are just down the hall (the only hallway) on the right.

Around 10:30 we gather in the meetinghouse and begin with a reflective song.

We quiet ourselves and after a bit of time the leader for the week will share announcements and read aloud the call to worship. Our call to worship is often a poem, quote, or scripture passage ths is relevant to the week's sermon and longer scripture passage.

Then all who are able stand and sing our first hymn together.

After our first hymn we a do a collection and everyone is welcome to prayerfully consider and share our joys and concerns.

We then sing another song and read our primary scripture passage.

If children are present the pastor offers a children's message and then the children are dismissed to play downstairs (in our 2 playrooms) or they are welcome to stay with their adults.  On the first Sunday of the month children have play and craft based Sunday school and are dismissed a bit earlier (more about children below).

Then we hear a message from the Pastor that opens up scripture in a way that draws us into important questions to consider and pray.

After the message we enter a time of waiting worship. Sometimes this is called "silent worship" or "expectant worship"   in a Quaker meeting.  Essentially this is a time for us all to enter deeply in listening to and for God.  If you want to know more about it follow this link.  At Valley Mills our worship time is anywhere between 25-10 minutes, but is usually around 15.

We end meeting with the pastor and the leader (who sits with the pastor in the front on the facing bench) will end with a handshake or they ask the community if they are comfortable ending.

Then it's over.

Can I bring children or youth?

Bringing children to church can feel daunting beforehand.    At Valley Mills we welcome your children and the chaos, noise, and wonder they bring.  They are a gift, and your willingness to (even consider) bring them is a gift to us.

But practically what does that mean?  Your children are welcome to be with you for the entirety of worship.  We offer a children's message and sunday school and they are  welcome to attend even if this is your first time.  But, of course, we understand if you want to keep them close by as well. There is a shelf in the entryway full of "busy boxes" which include little toys, crayons, coloring books etc. that your child is welcome to take to their seat.

We have a changing table and baby room downstairs. There is a stool for handwashing access in the upstairs bathroom, and a kitchenette in the upstairs meeting room should you need to refrigerate or heat anything up for your child.  

If you need extra support to bring your child to meeting for worship don't hesitate to reach out. We will do what we are able contact pastor Rachel at racheldollomahoney@gmail.com

What is worship like at Valley Mills?